2 Weeks to go……

So there are 2 weeks to go until I am due to leave my safe haven of comfort (the job that I have had for the past 4 years) and move on to something exciting and new. Why is it so scary though?

I used to enjoy what I did. Not only was it safe and good money. It was structured, with a good set of people working with me just the right amount of differences every day for it not to get boring. That was until recently. Although I don’t enjoy the atmosphere anymore I still enjoy the sense of family that is created through what I do. The feeling that I make a difference with what I am doing.

Not to say that my new job is not going to be enjoyable or (hopefully) safe or structured but I guess it is just the unknown………

My new job is a step in the right direction for me. Through a need to earn money and pay bills I took my current job but it wasn’t what I aimed to do while at school it’s not what I spent my hours at college for. I just hope that it is everything that I wanted/thought it would be like.

I know it sounds a bit cliché but it also doesn’t seem real. I don’t know what to do to get organised for it but I suppose that it will feel real next week as I have been invited to an event with my new company to network and get to know the people and department that I am going to be working with.
My last thing I think is I want to ask any advice? As I haven’t started a new job for 4 years I would appreciate advice from people? Experiences? Stories 


Calling all Brides and Grooms …..in-fact anyone that can help!!

Do you ever worry that all you can think to talk about is ‘the wedding’?

Lately I feel like
1.A bad friend
2.A brainless self-obsessed moron.
3. More forgetful than I have ever been.

Where I used to be able to talk to others about nothing but themselves for hours, finding out about what was going on with them and enjoying that. I now seem to start the conversation about something wedding related and when we stray even a little from this topic, drag everyone kicking and screaming back onto weddings.

Even now I am trying to think of things to get a normal conversation started but all I can think of are those inane questions that your hairdresser or beauty therapist asks like;

So how have you been?
Are you doing anything special tonight?
Are you going on Holiday this year? If yes Ooo anywhere nice?
(christmas only) So what are your plans for the holiday?

There is only so many times that you can ask these questions without feeling fake? Especially when you know that you have asked them already and you cant remember the response……. probably because I was thinking about something wedding related 😦

So as of now I resolve to be a better more caring friend because at the moment I think I am losing friends over it.

P.S – In trying to find a photo for this post I have now had it confirmed by a magazine quiz that yes I am a bad friend. Unfortunately this same magazine was a bridal magazine and didnt provide any information on how to return to being a good friend. So any advice would be graciously appreciated!!

Blogging organised!

I am ashamed to say that I havent posted in almost 3 weeks! That is not to say I havent been reading others blog posts but I seemed to have slacked where my own are concerned!

To put pay to this I have decided that I am going to have set day that I will be posting!

Sunday and Wednesday will now be the days that my nonsense graces your blog feeds.

Does anyone else find that it helps to have set days to post your blogs on?

It needs to be said

I should have posted this on Wednesday when I wrote this but I had a bit of an issue with technology that was not realised until Friday. Needless to say it prompted a rant style blog post that will be posted in future about how stupid technology (and not the user) is stupid. However, on with the post as originally typed!

I need to say that I completely excelled today! Today is a day that I am very proud of myself!!

Not only did I manage to catch up with all the rubbish that I just didnt have time to get done on Monday and Tuesday. I finished what needed to be done today and then smashed through tomorrows work and completed that!!

I just wanted to tell someone and while I was sitting in silence on my 40 minute train home (remembering not to make eye contact with anyone) I thought I would tell you guys.

Its not often I feel proud of myself but it is something that I have been told I should start recognising and expressing. Lol some psychological mumbo jumbo about self worth??

So how many of you list happy organisers are already ahead of your to do lists?

My Crazy Mum

Again I know I should have posted this earlier but starting my new job and all took its toll.

I know everyone thinks that there parents can be/are embarassing. Most of the time my parents are actually alright. I am about to recount an incident though that I believe takes the cake.

This happened this last week while the sun was shining and London was basking in a rare glimpse of cloudless blue sky. My mother and her bestie were having a girly day out up town and I met them after a hard days work to join them on the train home. They had very nicely bought me a coffee and a cake for the commute and once we had found a seat on the train proceeded to tell me about the fun and mischief they had gotten into in the city.

Now for anyone who isn’t aware of the unwritten rules for London Commuter public transport I will list the basics below (there are more but lets not get complicated)

No eye contact
No talking ( if necessary whisper)
No smiling at anyone
When sitting down you must not make any contact anyone (regardless how small the seats are)
No causing a scene of any kind

Basically keep as much to yourself as humanly possible. I believe that my mother managed to break nearly all of those rules in one go. Leaving me open mouthed and staring at her friend wondering what had just happened.

As mentioned earlier all 3 of us had coffee and a cake that, once the train had left the station, we happily started to tuck into while chatting about their day and what they had been doing. I went to pass the cherry from my cherry bakewell to my mother, unfortunately this fell from my hand straight to the floor and whilst trying to work out where on the floor it had landed, I noticed it…… (cue Psycho music)

My mothers had was moving towards the man in front of her. In seconds I had worked out what was going to happen and there was no way to stop it!!

Unbeknown to me as I had gone to hand mum the cherry she had reached out to take it from me. In the process dropping crumbs on the man in fronts nice suit. Stuck in a catch 22 my mum had thought do I leave them there and let him think I have just thrown crumbs over him – or – Do I break a cardinal commuter rule and brush them from his knee.

She made eye contact, smiled, brushed the crumbs away from his suit, then proceeded to continue talking loudly about the day that she had had. I couldn’t continue mouth open in shock looking between the mans knee and mums friend then mum she then burst out laughing breaking the last and final rule…. causing a scene on the train. I couldn’t help but laugh with her there was nothing else I could do because it was hilarious!! By that point none of us could see as we were crying with laughter people were looking round to see what was going on and part of me wanted the ground to open up and swallow me there and then.

On a side not if anyone can let me know who made these stupid rules up and why they exist that would be great?

Hope you got almost as much joy from reading this post as we did on the train.

The World Cup

So World Cup fever has taken over the world, my fiance, my living room and now my Filofax!!

As ( apparently) these are important games nothing can conflict with their schedule. God forbid we miss the nail biting tension that is England playing football! Nevertheless so that I am able to continue my planning my life I have had to add the schedule of the World Cup to both my beloved Filofax and iPad planner.

I do enjoy getting together with all the other football widows and chatting while Mr.J and the others become children and shout obscenities at the TV.

Saturday just gone was the first of many football BBQ that Mr.J has booked in over the next 4 weeks but I wonder how far England will get this year??

How is everyone else enjoying the football?

A new beginning

Is it naive to think when you are changing something big in your life the other little things that you have wanted and struggled to change before will be easier to change now?

I hoping that with all the bigger changes going on at the moment that I will also be able to change my lifestyle to be healthier and amend my diet. It needs to change as it is now unhealthy for me being this weight. It’s not just that I am unhappy with the way I look but I am also not happy with the way I feel.

Looking through various diets I know that I don’t want this to be an extreme detox style diet. I want this to be gradual and last. Does anyone have any recommendations?

Something that will work with a 9-5 (+commuting time) daily schedule?

Wedding Bells

I think that I would like to make my first post about the biggest thing that is happening in my life at the moment. Planning my wedding.

In all honesty I was planning long before Mr.J proposed thanks to the wonder that is Pinterest! Now I need to put together the jumble of pictures wave my wand to create the magical day that I have in my head!

Along the way though I have found very few people post about the organisational side of planning a wedding so I set about the task of creating a spreadsheet that would keep the craziness under control!

I now have a spreadsheet and a Filofax completely dedicated to this wedding and I feel surprisingly calm!

Hopefully in future posts I will share the things that have helped stay organised while planning the wedding. First things first though I want to get to grips with actually putting up a post!! Technology not being my best friend and all I am starting with baby steps.