Wedding Bells

I think that I would like to make my first post about the biggest thing that is happening in my life at the moment. Planning my wedding.

In all honesty I was planning long before Mr.J proposed thanks to the wonder that is Pinterest! Now I need to put together the jumble of pictures wave my wand to create the magical day that I have in my head!

Along the way though I have found very few people post about the organisational side of planning a wedding so I set about the task of creating a spreadsheet that would keep the craziness under control!

I now have a spreadsheet and a Filofax completely dedicated to this wedding and I feel surprisingly calm!

Hopefully in future posts I will share the things that have helped stay organised while planning the wedding. First things first though I want to get to grips with actually putting up a post!! Technology not being my best friend and all I am starting with baby steps.


2 thoughts on “Wedding Bells

    • Thanks. Can’t wait to start posting my prim tables for the wedding a s they have saved me so much money!!! Although my next post is not necessarily about the positives of wedding planning xx

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