It needs to be said

I should have posted this on Wednesday when I wrote this but I had a bit of an issue with technology that was not realised until Friday. Needless to say it prompted a rant style blog post that will be posted in future about how stupid technology (and not the user) is stupid. However, on with the post as originally typed!

I need to say that I completely excelled today! Today is a day that I am very proud of myself!!

Not only did I manage to catch up with all the rubbish that I just didnt have time to get done on Monday and Tuesday. I finished what needed to be done today and then smashed through tomorrows work and completed that!!

I just wanted to tell someone and while I was sitting in silence on my 40 minute train home (remembering not to make eye contact with anyone) I thought I would tell you guys.

Its not often I feel proud of myself but it is something that I have been told I should start recognising and expressing. Lol some psychological mumbo jumbo about self worth??

So how many of you list happy organisers are already ahead of your to do lists?


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