Calling all Brides and Grooms … anyone that can help!!

Do you ever worry that all you can think to talk about is ‘the wedding’?

Lately I feel like
1.A bad friend
2.A brainless self-obsessed moron.
3. More forgetful than I have ever been.

Where I used to be able to talk to others about nothing but themselves for hours, finding out about what was going on with them and enjoying that. I now seem to start the conversation about something wedding related and when we stray even a little from this topic, drag everyone kicking and screaming back onto weddings.

Even now I am trying to think of things to get a normal conversation started but all I can think of are those inane questions that your hairdresser or beauty therapist asks like;

So how have you been?
Are you doing anything special tonight?
Are you going on Holiday this year? If yes Ooo anywhere nice?
(christmas only) So what are your plans for the holiday?

There is only so many times that you can ask these questions without feeling fake? Especially when you know that you have asked them already and you cant remember the response……. probably because I was thinking about something wedding related 😦

So as of now I resolve to be a better more caring friend because at the moment I think I am losing friends over it.

P.S – In trying to find a photo for this post I have now had it confirmed by a magazine quiz that yes I am a bad friend. Unfortunately this same magazine was a bridal magazine and didnt provide any information on how to return to being a good friend. So any advice would be graciously appreciated!!


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